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Rebecca Martin combines her expertise in sports, women's health and clinical physiotherapy to offer a unique service for women in the Newcastle area.



Working with my clients I aim to assess, diagnose, treat and prevent physical problems. With over 15 years experience, I am able to treat a range of issues from pelvic pain to prolapse, incontinence to achey backs. I  offer expert advice and give hands on treatment as well as personalised exercise plans. I provide a professional and friendly consultation practice in Newcastle and Maitland. 

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I teach pre and post natal Pilates, rehab and one-to-one training in Newcastle. The methods are particularly good for dealing with injury and can be adapted to suit your individual needs. Pilates strengthens the small, stabilising muscles that hold your joints together which prevents injury and assists in recovery.  

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Women's Health

My passion is in supporting women towards a deeper understanding of their bodies and to improve their quality of life. Over my many years of practice and teaching I have developed my knowledge and expertise in this field. I believe that with the right support, women can truly benefit from exercise throughout the changes their bodies go through.

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Post natal physiotherapy. Image by Little Kite photography

Women’s Health Physiotherapy offers a physiotherapy post-natal assessment. In this assessment any key issues that need to be addressed to make a full recovery from your pregnancy/birth will be identified. From this strategies will be devised that are tailored to your specific needs.

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As a life long exercise  lover and mother of two, I have a passion for helping women throughout the different stages in their lives to remain active and feel comfortable in their bodies.